My Only Christmas Wish by J.M. Jeffries, Harlequin Kimani Oct 2012

It’s official.  My Only Christmas Wish book cover finally arrived.  Hope you all like it as much as we do.  Jackie and I are very excited to be a part of the Harlequin family.

‘Tis the season for passion

All Darcy Bennett wants for Christmas is for her family’s upscale Atlanta department store to stay in the family.  No man, especially a stubborn–and deliciously sexy–Scrooge is going to edge her out without a fight.  Bent on vengeance, new store owner Eli Austin has no problem using power to get his way.  But is Darcy’s feminine charm and a dash of holiday cheer enough to convince Eli to let her keep her legacy?

In a world full of mergers and takeovers, Eli does what it takes to stay in control.  However he doesn’t count on the irresistible urge to unwrap Darcy like a holiday surprise.  And he definitely isn’t prepared to compromise with a woman whose family destroyed his own.  With the magic of Christmas surrounding them, will Darcy and Eli be able to put aside their differences and realize that love is the only gift worth wishing for?

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Iva’s Story

For everyone who has asked over and over again about Iva’s story from Vegas Bites.  We are 10,000 words into it.  Just letting you know.  After Iva, we will be working on Sunni’s story from the Suite series of romances.

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Harry’s Law

Miriam here.  I’ll admit, I’m 64 years young.  I’ve watched a lot of stupid TV in my life which is why I latched onto Harry’s Law.  What is so odd about this cancellation is that this show was the no. 1 scripted TV show for NBC, beating out The Voice.  Harry Korn, as played by Kathy Bates, is smart, articulate, and grouchy as only an older woman can be.  That’s why I love her.  I adore smart, capable older women who can manage on their own, be their own person, manage their lives without deferring to others and who can trade smart remarks with the best of men without being put down for being smart.  Harry is all these things.  But according to NBC TV executives, the one thing she isn’t…is young and isn’t attracting ‘younger’ viewers.  From my perspective, it seems as though those younger,  highly prized viewers are more interested in reality TV rather than scripted TV and nothing would have attracted them to Harry’s Law.  Yet it had a following of loyal, older viewers who are scorned because of their age.  How sad is that?

Youth triumphs again even as the youth of 25 years ago, and courted by TV advertisers back then, has now grown into middle age and no longer considered a viable audience because..well because they are too old.

TV advertisers and scheduling executives have weird fetishes about youth. For some reason the 19-49 group allegedly has more money to spend on luxury items, basic needs and other products constantly being pushed at them.  Older viewers are ignored even though they have money, too, and in many cases more than they had in their younger years when they were the prime target of TV advertisers.  So why are we as a group ignored now?  I guess its because we’re no longer…gasp…young!  What a crock of dog poop.

This last year saw a few new TV shows with smart women in charge–Unforgettable, Prime Suspect and Harry’s Law and each of them were cancelled.  A smart woman would think that TV is afraid of smart women.

I think smart women should rise up and overthrow the TV stations, take charge of their own programming and show the world what we’re made of.  After all, we may be old, but we still have our smarts.

Voice your protest.  Join and let the TV executives and advertisers know how you feel.

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