New Releases

We’re thrilled to anounce that Coming Together At Last,, is available for download.  Jackie and I are delighted to be helping raise funds for Amnesty International.  Some of the talented authors in Volumes 1 and 2 are Seressia Glass, Jax Cassidy, Bridget Midway, Saskia Walker, Aliyah Burke, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon and we’re hoping everyone will be generous and purchase a copy.  All proceeds go to Amnesty International, a truly worthy cause.  When you put a sexy bookseller and a hot sheriff along with the first amendment we came up with She’s No Shrinking Violet.

Carnivale Diabolique is next in line with our Mistress of the Beasts.  Join Seressia Glass, Dyanne Davis and Jackie and I for a trip to the carnivale that guards demon portals with a variety of characters that include a Chinese Dragaon, a tattooed Maori, shapeshifters and of course what would a carnivale be without clowns.

Next in the queue is Partner’s in Crime for the Caliente anthology featuring J.M. Jeffries, Simone Harlow, Kelley Nyrae and Monique Lamont. Hot Latin lovers–what more do we need to say!!

For all those people too shy to post on our blog, or even if you have posted on our blog, we’re giving away free, autographed copes of some J.M. Jeffries books to celebrate our upcoming releases. Write to us at and don’t forget to include your name and address and the name of the person you want to have the book autographed to.  Tell your friends to contact us, too because free books … it’s a beautiful thing.

Until next time~~

Jackie and Miriam


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Author, bookstore owner and publisher. I enjoy reading, traveling and sometimes just doing nothing.
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